The Live Oak Tree

One of my favorite sights in the Charleston, S.C. area was the Live Oak tree.  I’m intrigued by these fast-growing trees that decorate Charleston’s landscape and populate many areas of the south. 

Supported by a thick, dense trunk of hardwood that anchors itself deeply in the ground, the Live Oak stands both tall and broad, growing as high as eighty-five feet tall, I’ve learned, and extending as far as one hundred thirty-two feet wide.  I love the way its strong stature stands tall and proud while, at the same time, its reclining branches kneel humbly against the ground.  Spanish moss and shiny, green leaves produce a sweet acorn, harvested by humans and animals alike. 

On clear days the sun’s rays stream through window-like spaces between each branch, giving a speckled mix of light and shade on the earth below.  When these trees border both sides of a street, they provide a canopy under which cars can drive and pedestrians can walk, providing an almost sanctuary-type presence. 

No wonder I’ve displayed a picture of this magnificent tree in my home, along with other photos of my visit to Charleston.  The Live Oak was one of many gifts I received during this memorable trip.

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