Windows to the Soul

Recently an acquaintance said to me and a few others,  “I’ve been thinking about people’s eyes.  They reveal so much.”  His eyes filled with tears as he thought about the loneliness and emotional pain of others.

I was moved by his sensitivity and compassion, and I began to think about all the eyes I’ve seen over the years in my pastoral work:

Eyes with deep hues of color that shine and gray, colorless eyes that no longer do; eyes that smile and eyes that cry; eyes that wander and eyes that stay fixed; eyes that blink and eyes that can’t; eyes that look away and eyes that stare; eyes that close and eyes that open; eyes that remain half-closed and half-open as they linger on the threshold of death.

“It’s been said that eyes are windows to the soul,” I responded, and he agreed.  His insight, shared with me and a few others that day, reminded me of an important pastoral practice:  notice the eyes.

So, as I go about my pastoral work, I will ask, if eyes are windows to the soul, how will I notice the eyes of each person I see and give them care today?

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