A Rainy Thursday

Torrential rain poured down most of Wednesday night into Thursday morning this past week.  Forecasters had warned us of a flash flood, with “a conveyor belt of rain over the Twin Cities” as one meteorologist put it, that could drop up to three inches of heavy rain. 

Our rain-soaked backyard.
May 24, 2012

This worried me.  Will rain enter our basement, soaking the carpet or seeping through basement walls?  And just how would we move all that furniture?

When I awoke the next morning, I was surprised–not by the downpour (a little over two inches had fallen with none in the basement) but by my response to a rain-soaked morning.   The rain had slowed down, the house was quiet, and as I ate my breakfast in solitude, I took in the sweet, fresh aroma of newly fallen rain through a few opened windows.  

I felt relaxed, unhurried, peaceful.  Usually I respond this way to sunshine, not rain, but this wet Thursday morning seemed to draw me in and nourish me for another full day. 

Surprised, yes, and grateful for this unexpected and rich start to a new, wet, rainy day.

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