Running on a Beautiful Morning

What a glorious morning!

I took my run–or I should say my walk/run–around the track at Minnehaha Academy, an elementary and middle school only a few blocks from my home.  A vivid blue stretched across a cloudless sky.  This is one of those stunning mornings that we Minnesotans would like to store in a bottle and bring out again when winter lingers much too long.

Our son, Brendon, runs in 5K race in Pasedena, MD, March 2012.

When I was in Charleston, S.C. this past April, our visit with our son inspired me to take up running again.  His inspiration to me came through his enthusiasm and love of running, and when I returned to Minneapolis, I started my new running program.  Though I used to run twenty-five years ago, and therefore tried to ease into running again, I developed sore knees that set me back awhile.  I’m slowly healing and in spite of this setback, I love running again!  My hope is that I can run a race again someday.

Tomorrow is the Minneapolis Marathon.   This course offers notable landmarks in Minneapolis, including the Stone Arch Bridge, Minnehaha Falls, Guthrie Theatre, and Fort Snelling.  I, of course, won’t be running but our newspaper, the StarTribune, has picked up on this event and published an article about the popularity of running in the Twin Cities.  According to this article “the running scene has exploded with races, making the metro area the most saturated in the country in terms of events per capita.”

One of the most popular racing routes takes place along River Road, just a few blocks from my house.  Traffic is rerouted on race days and runners get full access to the road.  I hope that I, and my knees, can one day be on the road with other runners.

Until that day arrives I’ll have to practice patience, and perhaps I can just walk to River Road, watch the race, and be inspired by other runners!

River Road, Minneapolis, MN
Autumn 2011.

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