Little by Little, One Goes Far

This morning I was running down River Road, a beautiful and popular running, walking and biking path in the Twin Cities. It was early morning, not too busy yet. I was a few minutes into my run when a father, pushing his little boy in a stroller, was running toward me. As he got nearer, the little boy said (loudly), “Look! She’s jogging SO SLOW!”

Ahh…so like a child to tell it like it is!

Little by little…one goes far.
Hampton Park, Charleston, SC, 2012. Photo by JStanton

Actually I’m glad to be jogging at all. All summer long I’ve been trying to recover from a painful right knee. I’ve been exercising and stretching the muscles around my knee, and sometimes I’ve even taken a break from running, just in case a little rest would do the trick!

The knee has improved a lot. In fact, I’m starting to really believe that I’ll be able to run the Turkey Day 5K in downtown Minneapolis on Thanksgiving morning with my son, and perhaps my husband, who is also training to run.

I may be slow, but I’m enjoying it.  A lot.

It’s fun to have a goal, and as they say, little by little one goes far.

That’s my hope. That’s my dream.

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