A Cold and Wet Morning–and a Great 5K

This was a running weekend for our family!

Congratulations to our son, Brendon, who ran his first marathon on Saturday! He participated in the Anthem Richmond Marathon in Richmond, Virginia. 

This marathon, called “America’s Friendliest Marathon” by Runner’s World magazine, takes runners through some of Richmond’s most scenic and historic neighborhoods.  Over 4,700 people participated, and I understand that last-minute registrations came flooding in after the New York Marathon was cancelled.

This morning Rick and I ran in the 5K Veterans Day race at Lake Como in St. Paul.  Though the morning began at a chilly and wet thirty-eight degrees, I warmed up as soon as I started running. 

I could tell I was pushing myself harder than usual, and I did finish in good (though relatively slow) time.  This tells me that I can train at a faster pace, too, and work for a personal best next time, which will be on Thanksgiving morning.  I’ll be running with Rick and Brendon in the Turkey Day 5K in downtown Minneapolis.

Though the morning was cold, I’ll hold fond memories of today’s race.   It was great fun!

And I don’t know when a cup of hot chocolate tasted SO GOOD as it did after the run!

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