Embracing Hope in a Time of Grief

Lake Louise, Ring Lake Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming.
Photo: JStanton

Holding on to hope is one of the most difficult challenges of all grief and loss experiences.  It’s important to recognize that we do not wait passively for hope to come.  Rather, we actively engage in building hope for ourselves.

For some, hope resides in family and friends; in others, religious faith; in others, music and art.  Some find hope in creative activities, seeing their grandchildren grow, helping others, or sharing memories with a friend.

Sometimes special images have symbolic meaning that evokes a sense of hope, peace, or contentment. What images have special significance for you?

A  nature scene,

A helping hand

A symphony?

Hold on to that image, especially in difficult moments, and let it bring you the hope you need to move forward in your grief.

Aster Daisies

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