The Light of Hope

Branches Filled with Cherry Blossoms.
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Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words.   When definitions come up short, images say it best.

Hope is one of those concepts that are difficult to describe.  We often talk about hope, long for it and look for it but struggle to define it. Here are some images that might help:

The light at the end of the tunnel

A beam (of hope)

A ray (of hope)

A break in the clouds

Did you notice that each of these images include reference to light?

Here’s one of my favorite images of hope, written by poet Gerhard Frost from his book of poetry, Seasons of a Lifetime: A Treasury of Meditations:

 “If I have two rooms, one dark, the other light, and I open the door between them, the dark room becomes lighter without the light one becoming darker.” 

I often use this metaphor with grief groups to let them know that their dark room of grief will eventually, perhaps slowly but steadily, transform into a room of increasing light.

The light of hope comes to people through various avenues: music, nature, faith, family, friends, hobbies.

How do you build hope for yourself?

butterfly office
Go to “Gratitude: a Blessing” to read about the connection
between hope and gratitude.


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