What My House Would Be Like if it Were a Person

Back yard, our home
Back yard, our home

In a recent online writing class, I was introduced to poet Denise Levertov’s poem, “What my House Would Be Like If It Were a Person.”  Class members were invited to do the same.  Here’s my poem describing my house–if it were a person!

Dressed in nature-green,

Trimmed in luscious brown,

This person would greet you

With kindness

And caution.

Having hosted,

since her beginning,

the needs and whims of others—

broad and demanding,

unfair to childlike simplicity—she learned

survival meant, sometimes, stoicism.

Formed by numerous revolutionary

changes—stretch here, open up there,

grow larger (“you’re not enough, you know”) and

drilled by the brittle bits

of a long life, her woundedness

surrendered to love,

befriending young and old,

strong and weak,

needy and self-sufficient.

All these, good companions.

Her zest and longing

for fun, inborn, never relinquished,

and always the first to play—

Mozart, movies, Boggle—she remembers

the laughter of her children, the hope of healing,

and most especially the grand opening

of innate hospitality, when

fear no longer sought her.

These, the memories and

true color—neither green nor brown–

shaped what has always been, and

what is now:

The warmth of welcome!

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