A Time of Year to Remember

My mom, Edith Perry
My mom, Edith Perry

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with that in mind, I recently asked a group of elders about their memories of their moms.  What special qualities did they assign to their mothers?  What one memory stands out?  For what are they most grateful about their mothers?

Group participants were forthcoming.  Responses included: honest, loving, strict, giving.

When asked about special memories, one participant, an elderly woman, remembered how her mother gave her piano lessons when she was just four years old and she still appreciates music to this day.

Another said he remembers his mom’s cooking.

“Any dish in particular?” I asked.

“Everything,” he said.  “There wasn’t one thing that wasn’t really good.”

One woman noted that her mom was strict and she often disagreed with her until she became a mother herself.  “Then I realized she was right.”

A few participants spoke of women who were not their moms but played an important mom-like role in their lives.  “I remember a woman who was a good friend of my mom. She helped put me through school.  I never would have made it without her,” he said.

One group member talked about how much he still missed his mom, who died some years ago.  I told the group that if they have lost their mother, they may feel a little tenderness or nostalgia on Mother’s Day.  I told them how I felt the day after Mother’s Day last year.  I wanted to reassure them that feelings of grief can surface anytime, even after many years.  Just honor your feelings, I told them.

This year I’ll start Mother’s Day with running the 5K Race for the Cure at 7:30 a.m.  Then, feeling energized (I hope), I’d like to spend the day outside, picnicking, enjoying the sunshine.

And once again I’ll be tenderly remembering my mother…and grateful to be one, too!

Read last year’s Mothers’ Day remembrance, The Day after Mothers Day.

I'm mom to this little guy in his Grandpa Perry's backyard tree, about 25 years ago!
I’m mom to this little guy! Picture taken about 25 years ago!

2 thoughts on “A Time of Year to Remember

  1. Aww, last picture was adorable! Thank you for mentioning that Mother’s day is a day to appreciate all the special women who have guided us in our lives. 🙂

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