A Day to Slow Down

“What delights us in visible beauty is the invisible.”

–Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, Aphorisms, 1893


Someone once told me that we should have some beauty in each and every day.  This friend always worked hard at making it so in her life:  fresh flowers on the table, beautiful garden, well-decorated home.

This comment always stayed with me.  I began to think how I need beauty–and how I might deprive myself of it by not taking the time to seek it out.  Beauty is important, no matter what the form:  art, nature, music, architecture, prose, poetry.  We need beauty to thrive.

One day last week Rick and I strolled the campus of the University of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota.  St. Kate’s, as they call it, is located not far from our home, just across the river.  Situated on a beautiful campus that is well-landscaped with gardens, foot bridge, and a pond, the campus invites one to mentally and emotionally leave the city and enter into a totally new arena.  Such an experience can be transformative.

I decided to take pictures that day as a way to notice, to simply be aware, of the beauty around me.  In spite of a late spring, and therefore late planting, many luscious plants added color and interest to the campus.




In the end beauty will save the world.

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