The Approaching Face of Autumn

Ahh...the splendor of summer!  Photo by RStanton
Ahh…the splendor of summer in the lovely Lake Harriet neighborhood of Minneapolis! Photo by RStanton

The temperatures in the Twin Cities for the next few days will be in the low 90s.  This is typical summertime weather, and I’m enjoying it.  The gifts that come from being outdoors are numerous: picnics at Minnehaha Falls Park, bike rides at regional state parks, early morning runs down West River Road, open windows to freshen the indoors, conversations with neighbors over the fence, and the smell of freshly cut grass.

But our cooler nights lately (and the start of the state fair in a few days) remind me that autumn is fast approaching.  While it’s hard to exit summer–and I won’t rush it–the fall season has always been my favorite.  I recall these beautiful words of John Donne (1572-1631):

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace

as I have seen in one autumnal face.

Meanwhile Rick and I will continue to enjoy summer by heading out soon to visit our son for a few days.  It will be great fun!

Looking out over the city of Stillwater, MN.
Looking out over the city of Stillwater, MN. Summer 2013.


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