What’s the Perfect Vacation?

Rick, Jan and Brendon, Baltimore
Rick, Jan and Brendon, Baltimore

It’s hard to define what a perfect vacation is, but if I had to describe it, I’d say that it’s a time when our greatest needs are fulfilled.  And those needs vary throughout our lives.  Sometimes we need rest; other times socialization and fun.  Sometimes we need connection with family and friends; other times solitude and quiet.  There are no rules about vacations.  Whenever our time away fulfills our greatest needs, a perfect vacation is created.

Such was our vacation to Baltimore a few weeks ago.  The time away from Rick’s and my work routines satisfied our need for fun, rest, and time with our son, Brendon.  Here are some highlights:

On Sunday afternoon Brendon treated us to great seats to a Baltimore-Orioles/Oakland game (Orioles won).  Other highlights included the Great Grape 5K race at the Elk Run vineyard (yes, we ran 5K through the vineyard!) with wine tasting after; a movie at his place; and an educational visit to the National Aquarium.

Then, of course, there were the deeply satisfying moments of simply being together:  eating Skinny Cow ice creams, walking around the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, having catch-up conversations about our lives, watching Brendon and his softball team play two games; playing a few table games, having Sunday Brunch at the hotel and sampling many restaurants.

We returned grateful and deeply satisfied.  We look forward to returning to Baltimore next year!

At the Orioles Game
At the Orioles Game
The race begins!
A restful moment

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