Picking Up Where We Left Off

Ruth and Ray Hobson Photo JStanton
Ruth and Ray Hobson
Photo JStanton

Not all relationships are capable of picking up where they left off, especially after a long absence.

But Rick and I experienced this dynamic when my sister, Ruth Ann, and brother-in-law, Ray, traveled from Arizona to visit us last week.

Due to geographical distance and work schedules, frequent visits had been difficult.  Trips to see one another were postponed.  But this was the year that a get-together would take place, and the excitement of their anticipated visit merged with a gratifying experience of wonderful memories.

At the final twins game.
At the final twins game of the season.

We felt comfortable with one another instantly.  We shared openly about our lives and the lives of our children.  We laughed over games. We (tried to) cheer at the final game of the Twins hapless baseball season.  We relaxed as we took a cruise down the Mississippi River.   During these precious few  days together, we bonded more closely.

Families don’t always experience this kind of get-together, I know.  Sometimes fear and defensiveness characterize family visits, making it difficult for intimacy and love to surface.  These are painful times indeed.

But this visit with these two dear people was entirely different.  Our time together “clicked,” and Rick and I are grateful for this family connection.  Our memories will carry us until the next get-together, which I hope will be soon.

What a great thing: to simply pick up where we left off.

Ruth Ann & Jan Photo RStanton
Ruth Ann & Jan
Photo RStanton

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