A Cup of Tea and I Travel Miles

Each morning I begin my day with a cup of hot tea.  I’ve practiced this routine for many years, not because I need tea to help me wake up, but because I like it! A morning cup of tea’s rich essence just seems right.

I remember my first introduction to tea as a young girl.  When I was sick with flu or cold, my mother often served me a cup.  Weakly-brewed, sweetened with a pinch of sugar, her tea was the best.  Her tea was the taste of comfort.  The taste of a hug.  The taste of somebody who cared.  What healing was in that a cup of tea!

"Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage."  --Catherine Douzel
“Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.” –Catherine Douzel

There’s something contemplative about a cup of tea.  Situating myself by our east window, I take one sip at a time, slowly, savoring each taste.  I’m attentive to this present moment as I relax in my favorite blue rocking chair and view the beauty of nature in my back yard: the red maple, the daylilies, the hanging baskets or, in the winter, the freshly-fallen snow sparkling with the sun’s reflection.

This offering of nature, seemingly waiting for my beholding, draws me in.  With each sip of tea, I’m transported far from a world of busyness and activity into a world of quiet and peace.   What a gift!

How can one cup of tea take me so far on a journey when all I’ve done is sit there, in one place?

This too is gift:  One cup of tea and I’ve traveled miles.


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