A Great 10K!

It’s been twenty-nine years since I ran my last 10K race.

I’ve been running frequent 5K races since I took up running again several years ago.  But today was the day I chose to stretch myself.  I would double my distance in this popular women’s race, known as Women Run the Cities.  In addition to the one-mile girls race (sometimes accompanied by moms), this popular, annual event offered a 5K, 10K, and 10-mile race.

The course itself was challenging, with a fair amount of elevation along its 6.2 mile route.  I ran this course a few weeks ago, reassured that I could finish, but as race day approached, I felt a bit anxious, wondering if I was really up to this challenge.

Thankfully, I felt entirely different when I awoke this morning.  I had had a restful sleep, and I felt strong, eager to run, and unafraid.  I had lots of energy and genuinely looked forward to the race’s start.  And what surprised me was that I continued to feel strong as I ran.  I can’t say this about all of my runs, but this one seemed to ‘click.’

I really did enjoy it!


Jan, on far right, running a 10K in 1985
Jan, on far right, running a 10K in 1985
Waiting to start! (2014)
Waiting to start! (2014)
And we're off!
And we’re off!


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