On Her 100th Birthday: In Memory

Mom (in the middle) with church friends, 1970s.
Mom (in the middle) with church friends, 1970s.

Today is a significant day.  It is my mother’s birthday.  If she were still living, she would be one hundred years old today.  Born on September 29, 1914, Edith Reichert Perry was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend.  I miss her.

Mom died from cancer at the young age of sixty-seven.  Over these past thirty-three years since her death, I often ponder how wonderful it would be to sit down with her again and have a conversation.  What a gift that would be.

Remembering anniversaries and other significant dates stirs the memory.  On this anniversary of her birth, I remember, with gratitude, how her lived example taught me so much.

Blessed be.

 To read more about my mother and our relationship, please go here.

2 thoughts on “On Her 100th Birthday: In Memory

  1. Jan, thanks so much for your blog about our mothers 100th birthday. I thought of that same thing this morning. You put it in such good words, which I cannot. You write so well. I miss her too and think of her often. She was a great lady. Love, Ruth A

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