Looking Back: 2014

Yesterday was a threshold day, an “in-between” time that opened an opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months of 2014.  I decided to do just that.  I paged through my past year’s calendar, noting each month’s activities, events, and appointments.  I considered these three questions:

What did I learn?

Where do I find gratitude?

What hope or new vision do I hold at the advent of a new year?

Then I took out my journal and began to write.  Here are a few of thoughts:

I learned that:

  • Letting go of some work responsibilities as a hospital on-call chaplain last January was the right decision. I’m gradually entering into a new phase of my life and it was a good step to shift my energy from quite so much demanding work.  I remain in my position as a nursing home chaplain.
  • I can grow and learn something from every situation, including those that are challenging or painful.
  • Muscle injuries take time to heal. My injury to my adductor muscle took time (a lot) to heal.  I was challenged to be patient and to refuse any thought that it would never, ever get better.  It did.  (See “The Uninvited Guest.”)

I’m grateful for:

  • Those who entrusted me with their life journeys, especially when it meant their being vulnerable enough to share struggles, loss, and grief. I was honored to walk this path with them.
  • My health. As I looked over my calendar, noting doctor’s appointments, I realized that my concerns, which were minor, were well-addressed.
  • My second 10K race in about thirty years. On the last Sunday of September, I stretched myself beyond my usual 5K to do a 10K in the Women Run the Cities  I was especially concerned about the elevation of this course, but on this unusually warm day in September, I can honestly say that I loved every minute of my run (this doesn’t always happen)!
  • Three travel experiences to different states. Travel, I’ve found, opens my eyes and enlarges my world perspective.  My travel included a Minnesota Public Radio-sponsored trip to Washington, D.C; a trip to Baltimore and Columbia, Maryland, to visit our son; and a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, where our family enjoyed Thanksgiving.
  • My family. I feel this gratitude most deeply.  What fun we had on our visits together, and I’m so grateful for the way we support and care for one another.

My hope is for:

  • Time to write more blog posts. By the way, I want to thank my readers and if you’d like to know which of my posts received the most views, it is The Live Oak Tree.  The blog’s busiest day took place on September 29, with most of the views at On Her 100th Birthday: In Memory.
  • Possibilities for new opportunities, experiences, and personal growth. I look forward to increased time to read, reflect, and write, activities that will add meaning and fulfillment to daily life.
  • A world that listens and learns from one another with open hearts and respectful dialogue. May I do the same.

Happy New Year to all!

Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014

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