It Waited until Spring–A Gentle Falling of Snow

March 23, 2015 Photo by JStanton
March 23, 2015
Photo by JStanton

It wasn’t much.  Only a light, gentle snowfall graced our landscape last evening, but it was enough to admire, appreciate, and take it all in. This was probably one of the last snowfalls that the Twin Cities will receive, and one of the last that Rick and I will see here in Minnesota, as we prepare to retire and move to a warmer climate (more on that later).

It’s been an unusual, atypical winter.  Our snow shovels have been rather lonely in the garage, used only a few times, and for only minor snowfalls.  We’re grateful for a mild winter, but we’re also grateful for the beauty of yesterday’s white covering.

Snow Flakes

I counted till they danced so

Their slippers leaped the town,

And then I took a pencil

To note the rebels down.

And then they grew so jolly

I did resign the prig,

And ten of my once stately toes

Are marshalled for a jig!

By Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)


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