Get in Gear Race: A Rite of Spring

The Get in Gear finish line.  Photo Jan Stanton
                         The Get in Gear finish line.   Photo Jan Stanton

Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Get in Gear race got off to a great start this morning!  This annual “Rite of Spring” sets the official start of the racing season.  And what a great start it was!  Even the weather worked on our behalf.  We were expecting the possibility of a lingering cool rain from yesterday, but by the time the 5K began the sun was shining.

Jan before the Get in Gear 2015.  Photo Rick Stanton.
Jan before the Get in Gear 2015.  Photo Rick Stanton.

This Get in Gear event holds 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon races, with a 2K race for kids held last night. This year there was something new:  Brass Players from the acclaimed Minnesota Orchestra. They led us in the national anthem and provided appropriate music (the “Lone Ranger” theme) at the start of the Half-Marathon/10K!

I ran a better 5K race than I expected.  I’ve been running slowly all spring and didn’t expect to match my record from last year.  As it turned out, I beat it by over one minute.  I felt like I was working really hard to do so, but I felt great when I crossed the finish line.

After I finished, I helped myself to the provided snacks and then watched the 10K and Half-Marathon runners come in to finish.  I was lucky enough to catch the first place male and female half-marathoners as they crossed the finish line!

This is always a great well-organized race, with lots of people (7,000 registered) and excitement.  I was glad to be part of it on this beautiful Saturday morning!

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