Grief Catching Up

I felt it yesterday morning.  As I walked through the neighborhood on this sunny and cool morning, I realized that the grief of leaving this beautiful neighborhood, this wonderful city and state, has caught up with me.  This chapter of my life, where numerous memories still linger in my mind and heart, is now over. Though the possibilities for new blessings await me, I feel the grief of leaving this place where I’ve lived so much of my adult life.

As I walked yesterday morning I relished the beauty of this area on a spring-like day: the fullness of numerous trees and vegetation all around, the running track at Minnehaha Academy, the “Little Libraries” that decorate the various blocks with donated books, and of course the neighbors who’ve made this neighborhood a wonderful place to live.

Though I believe that this upcoming move is a good choice for us, I’ve known that grief would catch up with me eventually.  That’s the way grief is, sometimes posing contradictory feelings.  I can look ahead with eagerness and anticipation to what lies ahead and feel the sadness of what is left behind all at the same time.  My task now is to embrace both feelings, to accept them as part of life and as part of what it means to be human.

I’m grateful for those who continue to accompany me on this journey, supporting and affirming our decision.  It makes this big change much easier.

Looking out over our front yard
Looking out over our front yard. Photo JStanton

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