Part Three: What Did I Notice Today?

I could not have imagined it.

This week I visited the acclaimed Angel Oak, a Live Oak Tree located on Johns Island, not far from our home.  We had heard of its reputation, as had other visitors there, but I was not expecting the power of its beauty, uniqueness, and size.

I could not take in its powerful presence right away.  I needed to spend time with it and let it draw me in, as it did ever so gently, almost imperceptibly.  I needed to move slowly around its thick, sprawling branches, drooping low, then resting on the ground, then arising again toward the sky.

One woman, standing not far from me, said, “It’s kind of holy.”  And she was right.  Its silent, powerful, and authoritative presence spoke to me, and as I left the grounds, a sense of peace accompanied me.

Angel Oak 2Angel Oak 1Angel Oak 4Angel Oak 10



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