Thresholds: Moving Forward

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During my morning run through the neighborhood, I sometimes find myself looking at seasonal décor displayed on front doors.   I love looking at the creativity of homeowners and the beauty each design contributes to the neighborhood.  During this past holiday season, I noticed that some doors displayed a dignified look, like the popular holiday wreaths done in reds, greens and golds.  Others, more whimsical and cute, presented a picture of Santa or reindeer or even teddy bears.

Doors, even without décor, are powerful symbols.  They suggest a passage into something new, something perhaps yet undiscovered.  They can draw us into a world of imagination and wonder, and when we stand on their thresholds, we stand in between the old and the new.  We are positioned at the portal of no-longer and not-yet.

So, too, with our threshold-filled lives.  How often do we find ourselves standing between two places, having left the old but not yet fully immersed in the new?  Retirement has been such a place for me.  I had to leave the old—the full-time work I’d been doing for years—before I could begin to enter the new.  And now, one and a half years later, a part of me still stands in that threshold.   True, I’ve designed my schedule and have discovered meaningful and fulfilling activities, but I sense that some things are still unfolding.

I stand at this portal of no-longer and not-yet with joy and eager anticipation.  I wonder what new opportunities, relationships, and discoveries it will lead me to. I also understand that thresholds–not just the destinations they point us to— offer their own distinct gifts.  I will try to stay awake and aware of their offerings.

Today we all stand together on the threshold of a new year.  Some of us stand in hope, anticipating exciting new personal ventures.  Some of us stand in fear, wondering what the future will hold.  Others of us stand in grief, seeking healing for a painful loss.   Whatever threshold you stand on today, may it lead you toward a year of new growth, healing, opportunity, and appreciation.  Happy New Year!

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